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YAR is a not-so-traditional roguelike game that takes place in a haunted castle changing and updating randomly. The walls are shifting, rocks are emerging from nowhere and the ancient evil is about to awake...


  • Move: <Arrow keys> or <Num keys>
  • Wait: <Ctrl> or <Num5>
  • Use item: <Letter keys> ( <S> for swallowing steaks, <P> for quaffing potions, etc). Using a bomb or a trap will enable pointer mode: <Arrow keys> or <Num keys> to change the position of a bomb (trap) that you're planting, <B> or <T> to confirm, <Ctrl> to cancel. Only planting bombs or traps counts as an action
  • Restart: <R>
  • Switch weapon: <Tab>
  • Use weapon (specials only): <Space>

You can use digits from <1> to <6> to enable / disable equipped items and <0> to enable / disable falling boulders (demo feature)

Energy system

All actions take energy (that is restored by food items). Having your energy at 0 means consuming health. Energy (as well as current health and attack) also defines the amount of damage you deal to enemies.

Item types

  • Collectables - used only once, stored in inventory
  • Weapons - only one of a type can be equipped at a time, have an ability that automatically activates every N attacks (N is a constant for each weapon)
  • Specials - like weapons, but an ability can be activated at any time by pressing <Space>
  • Equipables - have permanent effects, not stored in inventory (displayed near weapon icon)


  • Bombs & Traps - those things probably kill
  • Steak / Mutton leg - restores energy once eaten
  • Coins - do I need to explain what are they used for?..
  • Potion - restores health and increases its maximum by 2
  • Key - unlocks one golden chest
  • Armor - well, levels your armor stat (note that armor can be broken by enemy's attacks)
  • Mushroom - makes your muscles grow and gives you +1 attack


  • Mace - gives +1 attack bonus, pierces armor every hit
  • Dagger - gives +1 attack bonus, every second swing allows you to walk through an attacked enemy
  • Sword - gives +2 attack bonus, pushes enemy back every 3 swings
  • Sabre - gives +2 attack bonus, causes bleeding every 3 swings (that damages enemy for the half of its max health overall)
  • Montante - gives +4 attack bonus, drains energy twice as quickly as other weapons, increases max health stat every 4 swings
  • Axe - gives +4 attack bonus, drains energy twice as quickly as other weapons, every 5-th swing is an instant kill


  • Pickaxe - smashes walls & rocks
  • Gun - shoots... arrows. Don't look at me like that
  • Teleporter - teleports you; randomly and heartlessly


  • [1] Throwing gauntlet - allows bombs and traps throwing (double tap direction key while in pointer mode)
  • [2] Ring of protection - revives you after death, then mysteriously disappears
  • [3] Fan - allows you to restore energy by waiting if your current energy amount is below 10
  • [4] Shield - blocks all damage if active (will not save you from explosions), gets activated by waiting while not surrounded by enemies
  • [5] Jordans - increase movement speed
  • [6] Googles - provide information on boulder's landing tile
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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike