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>> CORRUPTED is a real-time tactical roguelike about robots, power management and hope.

Your goal is to destroy or disable all of your opponent’s CORES or eliminate their WEAPONS. Same lose conditions apply to you as well. CORES produce POWER, WEAPONS use it to destroy opponent’s MODULES.

The MODULE is destroyed once every tile of it is damaged. Do take notice that CORES explode when destroyed, damaging nearby (non-diagonal) tiles.

Most WEAPONS have penetration stat which reflects the number of undamaged tiles it can go through. For example, PISTOL can only target leftmost tiles in the opponent’s body since it has penetration of 1.

WEAPONS also OVERHEAT during the battle - each consecutive shot from any weapon costs 1 more POWER. This value is reset once the battle is over.

After the battle you can salvage any MODULES that have at least one intact tile left, but your space is limited, so you will need to balance your CORE / WEAPON ratio wisely.

At one point in the game your CORES will most likely start malfunctioning. Brace yourself and keep going.

Made for Ludum Dare 39.

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Tags2D, Ludum Dare 39, Real time strategy, Roguelike
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