• Fixed a few desyncs.
  • Added Railgun, Ballista and Lookout.
  • Call to Arms now costs 0 AP.
  • Military Base' ability is changed to "Sacrifice 3 men > deal 3 damage".
  • Missile Silo now costs 1 AP.
  • Radio Tower now requires 1 men to be activated.
  • Factory, Supply Depot and Trial now cost 1 AP.
  • HQ now has 3 life.
  • Catapult now requires 3 men to be used.
  • Doom now costs 1 AP but you lose a level upon playing it.
  • Mirage now costs 4 AP and no longer causes you to lose a level.
  • Mage Guild now costs 2 AP.


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152 days ago

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